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Taxi 131 008 How to position decals

For proper application and to maximise the life of your 131008 decals, only a person experienced in the application of decals to vehicles should apply them. They must be applied in a dust free environment and the surfaces must be prepared correctly prior to application.

 Prior to applying the 131008 decals, please refer to the document Applying Decals for information about surface preparation and the process of decal application.

In all states except Victoria, the standard 131008 decal colours are red and black which looks best applied to a white taxi. In Victoria, all taxis are yellow. So the standard 131008 decals colours in that state are green and black. The information below applies to both the red and green decals.

The standard Taxi 131008 decal set includes:

Front Doors
The front doors, driver and passenger side have two decals each the 131008 logo and the Australia Wide Taxi decal.
The 131008 door logos should be applied below the door handles and as close as possible to centre of the door, vertically and horizontally. Then, the Australia Wide Taxi decals should be positioned below the 131008 in the logo.

Back Doors
The City/Town name decals go on the back doors. Position the City/Town name decal below the line of the rear door handles and vertically aligned with the 131008 on the front doors. The horizontal alignment should be as close to centre as possible.

Please note: Some taxis have a dress strip running along the length of the front and back doors. If the dress strip is the same colour as the car, simply apply the decals over the strip, ensuring the decal is pushed tightly into the edges of the strip. If the dress strip is black (and not very thick), you can cut a slice out of the decal. Also, the Australia Wide Taxi decal can be positioned below the dress strip if necessary.
Please refer to the image of the Lithgow taxi on the right hand side.




Rear Bumper, Boot Lid

Rear bumpers vary widely in shape. Some have a place for number plates moulded into them. For this reason, your best judgment is required in choosing a good position for the decal. Ideally, it would be placed in the centre of the bumper. However, this is not always practical, so either the left or right side is fine. Just make sure the entire decal is completely visible from directly behind the taxi.

If you are using the optional bumper, this can be either placed on the bumper along with the rear bumper decal or on the boot lid. Either way, ensure the entire decal is completely visible from directly behind the taxi.

For more information or to place an order, please call Taxi 131008 Limited on 1800 067 010