Our Taxi Services have realised the following benefits of being a member of the 131008 network and of promoting 131008 as their taxi phone number:

  • 131 008 is the ONLY nationally recognised taxi phone number in Australia.
  • YOU secure control of the national 131 008 taxi booking service in your taxi service district – you stay one jump ahead of existing or prospective competitors.
  • YOU add value to your taxi business – by making your right to 131 008 part of your business.
  • YOU pay nothing for incoming 131 008 calls – in fact YOU will be paid by us for every 131 008 call which you receive.
  • YOU have access to our Marketing department for any promotion which you wish to undertake for your 131 008 taxi service.
  • YOU give your passengers the convenience of one number for your taxi service – and for a taxi in every other place in Australia.
  • YOU have access to on-line taxi bookings if you want them – and soon you may also have access to SMS taxi bookings if you want them.
  • YOU may, if you wish, become a shareholder in our company – and that means YOU become an owner of 131 008.
  • WE, and every other 131 008 taxi service, promote YOUR 131 008 taxi phone number – with the aim of getting more people to use your taxi service.
  • WE provide you with a 24x7 emergency backup and fault reporting service - just in case.
  • WE provide you with regular and detailed call data on your 131 008 service – helping you to better manage your taxi phone bookings.

If you would like to enquire about becoming a member of the 131 008 taxi network, use the Feedback form to contact us.