SMS 1999-0008 Taxi Bookings


Taxi 131-008's brand new

SMS taxi booking service.

After considerable consultation with our members, trials and market research, Taxi 131-008 is pleased to announce that our much anticipated SMS taxi booking service SMS 1999-0008 is now ready. The service is available to 131008 taxi services at absolutely no cost to your taxi service - no start-up costs, no licence fees, no processing charges. Further, you don't need any special hardware or software to access the service. All you need is a broadband connection in your taxi dispatch centre and a computer with The Microsoft Internet Explorer browser installed. The SMS booking requests go directly to your disptach centre 

The service is now available for your taxi service to evaluate. All you need to do is to contact Taxi 131-008 on 1800 067 010 to arrange for SMS 1999-0008 to be activated for your taxi service and you can start sending test bookings.

All mobile phone users can use SMS 1999-0008 as it uses simple SMS technology, which Australians are already very familiar with. Your customers donít need to have a fancy phone or install an application on their phone. Nor do they have to pre-register their phone number or pickup addresses. Our market research, conducted earlier this year, shows that the best way to maximise market penetration of an SMS taxi booking system is to remove usage restrictions such as those mentioned above so there is no set-up required on behalf of the customer in order to book a taxi by SMS. The design philosophy at the core of SMS 1999-0008 is that it be as simple as possible for your customers to use.

Customers that use SMS 1999-0008 will incur a charge on their mobile phone bill of $1.50 for a confirmed taxi booking. Our market research has shown that the vast majority of taxi users that book by mobile phone will gladly pay this fee to book by SMS rather than make a mobile phone call.

SMS 1999-0008 supports two categories of SMS taxi bookings:

Free Form Bookings

Free Form bookings allow your customers to simply SMS their pickup address from any location in your taxi district, just as if they were phoning for a taxi. They can also include additional information for any special requirements in the text message. We have created a business card sized instruction card for Free Form SMS bookings which can be handed to your customers to promote SMS 1999-0008 Free Form bookings and instruct them on how to request a booking. Taxi 131008 will supply your initial stock of SMS 1999-0008 instruction cards. Click here to see a sample of the SMS 1999-0008 Free Form Instruction Card.

Registered Location Bookings

Registered Location bookings allow your taxi service to define to define up to 1,000 pickup locations in your taxi district. Each Registered Location is assigned with a unique six-character code. Registered Locations might be street addresses, taxi ranks, hotels, motels, hospitals, schools, universities, bus stops, train stations, airports, shopping centres, etc. You can set them up however best suits your taxi service. A large sign posted at each Registered Location directs your customers to simply text the six-character code printed on the sign to 1999-0008 for a pickup from that Location. The signs are A4 sized and are made of aluminium, so they are weatherproof and can be posted outdoors. Taxi 131008 will supply your first batch of Location Signs. Click here to see a sample of the SMS 1999-0008 Location Sign.

We believe the SMS 1999-0008 service will be a great asset to your taxi service and your customers will certainly appreciate this simple alternate way to book a taxi.

For further details or to arrange access to SMS 1999-0008 for evaluation purposes, for permanent access or to organise supply of Instruction Cards and/or Location Signs, please call the office on 1800 067 010.