Current Unbooked Taxi Fares

( October 2020)

Taxi fares in Victoria are regulated by the Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV).

TYPE 1. Standard Hiring:

Single hiring for less than 6 passengers (standard taxi-cab)

or any multiple hiring.


$ 3.60

when meter is started

$ 2.10

per kilometre

$ 0.75

cents per minute (if speed is below 21.0 kph)
Telephone Booking:

$ 2.10

entered onto the taxi meter at the start of the trip
Late Night Surcharge:

$ 3.40

Late Night Fee applies Friday and Saturday Night Between 7pm to 6am, other days from Midnight to 6am.

Holiday Fee:

$ 4.20

applies from 7pm on the evening prior to all public holidays an all day Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day, and from 6pm on New Years Eve (but not after 6am on other Public Holidays). The Late night fee does not apply during the holiday fee period

Other Charges:

City link tolls and Melbourne airport surcharge

may also apply in applicable circumstances

Charges may also apply to electronic payments

TYPE 2. High Occupancy Hiring:

Single hiring for 5 or more passengers, or where a larger vehicle is requested regardless of the number of passengers travelling.



when meter is started


per kilometre


cents per minute when speed is below 21.0 kph

No Pay, No Taxi: All taxi passengers are now required to prepay an estimate of their fares between 10pm  and 5am.

Drivers can still request a deposit up to the estimated fare or proof of payment before the hiring starts or at any time during the trip.

If you do not comply, the driver can refuse to carry you.

Fare Calculator

If you know the approximate distance of your trip, you can calculate your Taxi fare below.

(please add any relevant extra charges that may apply as listed above - E.G. Phone Booking, Late Night Surcharge, Tolls)

Estimate the Distance:


Taxi Type:

Your Estimated Fare is:

Approximate Taxi fares to Popular Destinations:

(Standard Taxi from Ballarat Railway Station or CBD)

Botanical Gardens $ 17.60 Eureka Stockade Centre $ 12.40
Lake Wendouree $ 14.40 POW Memorial $ 17.40
Sovereign Hill $  11.30 Wildlife Park $ 16.00