Ballarat Taxis has a fleet of 51 modern sedans and station wagons, as well as 10 WAT`S(Wheelchair Assessable Taxis). These WAT’s are also available for clients requiring a larger vehicle... with some able to carry up to 10 passengers. All vehicles are GPS equipped, meaning prompt dispatch of your taxi-cab.

Hours of Operation

Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or 365 days of the year.


We can deliver your parcels or documents, quickly and efficiently. This can be a hand to hand service if required and can often be quicker and of similar cost to services offered by courier companies.

VIP Bookings

Caller Line Identification identifies incoming telephone numbers and a template can be created that records the name and pickup address for future bookings. Taxi bookings are made without waiting for a operator, thus receiving priority over calls being answered by an Operator.

Wheelchair Taxis

Each of our 10 WAT’s can carry 2 wheelchairs as well as a number of ambient passengers, and clients in wheelchairs receive priority for bookings of these vehicles. Drivers of these vehicles have received specialised training in wheelchair transportation and are very caring and efficient. A Government subsidy is available to people permanently confined to a wheelchair, giving a 50% reduction (up to $60 per trip) in the amount paid by the passenger.

Lost Property

You can check with our operator on the normal taxi booking number for items that may have been left in a taxi, although taxi drivers are required to hand in any unclaimed property to the Victorian Police.

Pre-Paid Taxi Vouchers

Do you worry about your kids spending or losing their fare home?
Do you have a family member with special transport needs?
Do you have a function coming up from which your staff, family or friends need to be transported safely home?

Ballarat  Taxis are committed to assisting clients with a range of pre-paid voucher options to both simplify taxi payment and support you in providing safe and reliable “door to door” transport for children, staff, family and friends. These vouchers come in pre-printed $10 amounts or a voucher(s) to the value of your choice. More and more of our clients are discovering the convenience of keeping a stock of pre-paid vouchers, as they are “non-spendable” other than in our taxis and will be treated as “cash” by our Ballarat taxi drivers, so you will receive change back where applicable.