Ballarat Taxi Co-operative Limited

A Synopsis of Recent History:

Ballarat Taxis Co-operative Limited commenced operations in 1976 as an amalgamation of two existing taxi organizations – Radio Cabs Pty Ltd and Ballarat Taxi Co-operative Ltd.  Initially the entity was known as Ballarat Radio Taxis Co-operative Limited, but more recently as Ballarat Taxi Co-operative Limited.

The amalgamation was the first strategic step in developing an enterprise with a greater ability to focus on delivering a demand responsive service to the greater community of Ballarat and beyond.

After joining together the Co-op operated out of the Amoco service station (Armstrong and Dana Streets) for a number of years, before relocating to rented offices at Sansom Petroleum in Creswick Road.

In 1984 after a relatively nomadic existence, we purchased a property at 911 Doveton Street North, Ballarat. This would provide the necessary stability and impetus to project us into the future.

In 1986 we purchased the property next door at 909 Doveton Street North and in conjunction with the Shell Petroleum Company developed a service station which was seen as an ideal option in increasing our revenue raising capabilities.

In 1992 the Liberal government led by The Hon. Jeff Kennett introduced major reforms for the industry. All Victorian taxis were to be of a common livery known as “Victorian Taxi Yellow", with chequered green and gold decals. Strict new licensing procedures and accreditation of all depots meant that that we were more accountable to government. It was the beginning of a new era.

In 1998 Ballarat Taxis started redeveloping our site now operating a large convenience store and petrol station. New modern office facilities have also laid the foundations for a more stable future. The Hon Jeff Kennett MLA officially opened the complex on the 14th July 1999. We now boast a modern purpose built facility, which will enable us to provide for our shareholders and customers needs well into the future.

Co-operative Structure:

The Co-operative consists of some 46 shareholders and operations are overseen by a Board of Directors.

The six current Directors are:

Mr Stephen Armstrong – Chairman

Ms Elizabeth Jones

Mr Malcolm Matthews

Mr Scott Parker

Mr Murray Rogers

Mr Bernard Collins

The day to day activities of the Co-operative are managed by Joy Robson.


 Ballarat Taxis fleet is multi functional in that we cater for a broad section of users. We have 57 vehicles consisting of sedans, station wagons and wheel chair accessible vehicles, which also double as high occupancy vehicles. The most modern of these vehicles has a passenger capacity of twelve ambient persons or two wheelchair confined persons and up to six ambient persons. We also provide these services 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year.

Often we are the only mode of transport available between 6 pm and 6 am.

Call Centre:

Ballarat Taxis development is now one of the most modern and advanced operations in regional Australia. Some $900,000 has been spent on state of the art premises as well as computer dispatch, new software based phone system, Call line identification and Global positioning satellite systems. Ballarat Taxis also offer Bureau services and currently service Warrnambool, Shepparton and Alice Springs Taxi services in this capacity as well as a national vehicle breakdown service provider.

Our Call Centre is staffed by 6 full time and a number of part time employees. We have 5 workstations in operation during peak periods with the ability to increase this as the need may arise. Staff stability and dedication is demonstrated by the fact that 3 of our full time employees have over 47 years service with us, a situation that helps us create an exceptional rapport with our regular taxi clientele.

Facilities in the administration section of our premises provide driver and staff training facilities as well as modern meeting rooms for both director and shareholder meetings.